Heatless Hair Curlers
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No more Curling Irons! Save your hair from heat and enjoy curls all day and night long using our Heatless Hair Curler. Having bouncy, long-lasting curls without heat is possible now. Letting your hair dry while you sleep with foam rollers is a safe curling option for your hair. The clip attachment in sponge rollers can keep it in place while you sleep, and the foam makes it comfortable to wear.


Hair Treatment

Relieve excessive skin tension and remove fatigue.

No Heat

This No heat curl hair headband will give you a new way of curling your beautiful hair. It gives you beautiful curls without putting heat in your hair.

No Damage

This hair wave former rods can be used without any electric heat required, you can DYS your hairstyle easily, with no damage to your hair.


This hair curler headband is convenient to use at home or carry when you go out. Suitable for dry or wet hair. Give you a beautiful hairstyle every day. Save your time.

Great Gift

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1. The curling ribbon is made of cotton. It can be reused for a long time. And make your hair look and feel amazing.

2. Heatless curling ribbon aims to provide a gentle curling method for your hair. Say goodbye to breaks and split ends and say hello to healthy hair.

3. A long enough hair clip can be tightly fixed, very suitable for thick, sparse, curly, or straight hair. The rounded edges and smooth surface will not pull or damage the hair.

4. Wear the curling iron headband on your head like a headband. You can curl it on the top or fix one side with a headband like a ponytail, and then wrap it on the other side of the curling tape to dry or slightly wet hair and use a headband to secure the elastic band at the bottom. Make sure to wrap tightly and start from the top of your head. It can stay for an hour or two during the day when the hair is slightly wet and can stay overnight when the hair is slightly wet or dry.

5. These fashionable hair clips can be used on various occasions, such as birthday parties, banquets, and daily wear.

How To Use

Before going to bed, use a fine-tailed comb to separate a small bunch of slightly longer hair, wrap it on the curling rod, and fix it with a rubber band without heating. You will have beautiful curly hair the next morning and this curling rod headband will not cause any discomfort when sleeping.


Our Heatless Hair Curler is surely a Revolutionary Hair Care Curler and one of the fast selling products in the market.

Electronic Curlers damage your hair in the long run. This No Heat Curler is a revelation and find of the year.

Wallet Friendly Deals provides 100% original product and takes the responsibility of guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Where do your Hair Curlers come from?

We source the raw materials from different parts of the world. And, we have the manufacturing hub located in China and the warehouses all our around the world.

When will I receive the product if I order it now?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the logistics have affected largely, and the delivery may potentially take up to 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. We ensure to deliver the product within this timeframe.

Will the Hair Curlers slip?

No. It rests comfortably on your head and it is non-slip. 

Does the product smell?

No. It is Odorless and Hypoallergenic.

Can I curl my hair overnight using this curler?

Yes. It is a standard headband that makes quite easy to curl your hair overnight.

Over 5000+ Hair Curlers sold.

Get yours today while the stock lasts!

UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 situation, the delivery may potentially take up to 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Please bear with us while we ensure you get your order as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding and patience.